The conference is co-hosted with the generous support of the Centre for Canadian and International Higher Education (CIHE), OISE, University of Toronto, and Humber College, Toronto.

We are very grateful to our conference sponsors, who are listed below.

We also extend our thanks to the many people who have helped make this conference possible, and who are also listed below.


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Global Champions

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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this conference possible:

Education Commons: Paul Steacy, Rob Huang, Dominic Goveas, Laize Bacay, Hyun-Wook Jo, Michael Morrow, Neil Tinker, Derek Hunt.

Department of Leadership, Higher & Adult Education at OISE: Creso Sá, Karen Dinsdale Kaufman, Nina Bascia, Joanne Bedasie, Vesna Bajic.

Other OISE staff and faculty: Lindsay DuPre, Gwen Burrows, Lyly Chung.

Peer reviewers: Aamir Tayieb, Adriana Marroquin Rodriguez, Amira El Masri, Ceara Khoramshahi, Diane Barbarič, Donna Heslin, Edmund Adam, Emina Veletanlic, Grace Karram Stephenson, Hana Fehrenbach, Hayfa Jafar, Jason Holmes, Kenneth Aidelojie, Laura Crane, Leping Mou, Magdalena Martinez, Mike Klassen, Summer Cowley, You Zhang, Zahra Jafarova.